My favorite local eatery to come to, they have friendly staff, good food and 3 separate TVs to watch and decent music to listen to as well. I probably eat here at least twice a weak and I never get tired of it. Definitely a place to check out, and it's breakfast lunch and dinner foods all day long!

- Ryan T

First time I ever tried chorizo was about four years ago from Harry's. My friend had if for breakfast one morning and offered me half because the portions are so big. I couldn't resist after smelling it. After that day I've never been the same. I love the stuff. Can't ever grasp the way they make it when I cook it from home or order it somewhere else. Every time I'm in anahiem I have to have to order this stuff. Morning, moon or night! They have a drive they to! To very convenient. Love you guys. Thanks for the greasy delicious comfort food. Order ahead of time and bam be ready in 10 mins. If you decide to dine inside even better, bigger portions and food in out after you fill ur drink use the rest room and sit down.grub down!

- Tahnee G.

This is a great place for a quick meal.This is not just a burger joint ,either. They have greek and mexican food on the menu with alot to choose from. Great breakfast specials under $5 bucks.The service is not the greatest but the people are friendly and I can call in my order and pick it up through the drive-thru with no problem.

- Monica A.

I love harry's, I come here as often as possible. Their burgers are amazingly good definitely better than most of the restaurant's around buena park. The chili fries are absolutely delicious. Since I buy for the family their 3 or 4 pack deal is what I usually go for as it comes out to be cheaper that way. The staff is real nice too. Will definitely continue to grab a bite often.

- Sahuly N.